Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Never Say 'Die'"

This Guy Got It Started
(Photo courtesy JKRP Softball Photo Archive)

Storm clouds loomed heavy on the western horizon as the JKRP softball team battled their cross-town (and cross-discipline) rivals: Jacobs Engineering.  Jacobs' tight defense kept the team in check, retiring us easily for the first three innings.  We made a break for the lead in the fourth inning with some solid singles and heads-up running by first baseman Jose Hernandez.  Our superior stamina wore them down over the next three innings, with the bats coming alive in the bottom of the seventh.  Up against insurmountable odds, the JKRP players managed to bring eleven more runs across the plate by the end of the game.  It wasn't our best outing, but every single player scored at least once, which was a small victory in the middle of a large loss.  Hopefully next week the weather and our skills will be better than what we saw last night.

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