Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Tradition lives on

Lauren and Greg carving
The Boss making an architectural pumpkin
Izzo and Knepley's creation, good enough for #2 place!
Jen and Sam's porcupine, a tie for second.
Dave and Katie's owl, the grand champ.
It wouldn't be October if we didn't have our annual pumpkin carving contest in the office. This year was sort of the exception. Technically, we did our pumpkin carving this year in November due to some big deadlines, but that didn't stop the fun. To be fair, partners were randomly selected from a hat, and each team had an hour and a half or thereabouts to complete their creation.  Some were good, some were better.  This year Katie Robinson and Dave Urffer stole the title for best pumpkin from last year's reigning champ Katie Brill.  If you didn't already know, Katie Robinson is the new Katie Brill.  (marriage) Check out some of this years pumpkins on our Facebook Page.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ReInvention AIA, DC

Robert Gurney Associates Glass House

City Center Washington DC

Four Pavillion House


E/L Studio

E/L Studio

Salt and Pepper House

Salt and Pepper House

City Center rooftops

Robert Gurney Associates Glass House

Robert Gurney Glass House
Izzo here: Jose and I recently took part in the the AIA's Reinvention housing convention in Washington, DC where we toured some good residential architecture and sat in on some informative lectures.  Highlights of the event were the awesome tours of housing by local architects.  SeaUA, a shipping container multifamily project by Travis Price Architects started the day.  Pretty interesting.  Next up was a huge housing project on the site of the former DC convention center right downtown.  A massive project, it had some of the most awesome roof decks I had ever seen. These were half apartments and half condos with over 300k sf of retail on the ground level which is already leased up! An amazing feat in and of itself. This project was designed by Shalom Baranes and Foster Partners. A single family house by KUBE Architects dubbed the Salt and Pepper house (no relation to  Salt n pepa) started the single family dwellings. Not a huge house, but it certainly had a lot of fun surprises around every corner. Another live work house by E/L Studio was on the tour. A small architecture office on the first floor, and a small living quarters on the second floor.  Really nice use of tight quarters and really cool ceiling details.  The Four Pavillion house by esteemed architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen designed in the mid 1970s and restored recently by Richard Williams, AIA.  Another great small house within a very private suburban lot.  Really well done. And last but certainly not least, an over the top mansion in Georgetown by Robert Gurney Associates. I mean, check out that kitchen and wine cellar!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nugent Senior Apartments Wins Preservation Award


Our Nugent Senior Apartments has won another award.  Not only have we won a Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia grand jury award, now we've also won a Preservation Pennsylvania Award. We're not stopping there however, we're also in the running for an AIA Philadelphia and AIA Pennsylvania award.  Dave, Sam and DeeDee have continued their award winning work.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our team keeps growing

Maybe it's the economy, maybe we are just  awesome, maybe it's a little bit of both, but we've been seeing some impressive growth over here at JKR.  Projects keep coming in, large and small, and we're doing our very best to keep up with our clients' demands. We're proud to announce the addition of Michael Buckley to our already talented design staff.  He's helping alleviate some of the day to day pressures on our other established designers.  Mike hails from UPenn where he's earned his Masters, and also brings some good experience from some top local firms.  Right now he is working on some of our residential projects.  We're happy to welcome him to our team! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

JKR takes a field trip to the Museum of Art

opening up the great stair hall
checking out a serious rendering
Ten of us took a little field trip over to the Museum of Art to check out the new Frank Gehry exhibit Making a Modern Classic on view til September 1st.  The anticipation has been growing over some of Frank Gehry's new proposed designs which would cut a large chunk out of the iconic stairs.  We waded through the exhibit, passing through gigantic sectional models and proposed courtyard cutouts. Overall, I think our crew was impressed with his schemes.  We talked it over afterward over some drinks in the new pop up garden at the Oval and took a vote.  The verdict is out: we had three votes for the proposed cut out, and six votes against the cut out, and one member abstaining for no known reason. We all pretty much agreed that all the other plans should definitely be done.

view under the main courtyard
gigantic sectional model

post game deliberations

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Make that 3 more registered architects!

Our latest happy architects
You might recall Blake's gross beard. You might recall his unusually gruff personality lately. Well, we're proud to say Blake is back to his old self. After months of agonizing over his exams, he became our office's latest registered architect.  He joins Marissa and Sam, who have also passed all their exams in the past month or so.  The weird thing is, they all near each other in the office. Something in the water over there? Maybe. Cheaters? Impossible.  They just have great support for one another and are always encouraging.  Look at that love!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Annual JKR Phillies Outing

Some new Threads for everyone! a new tradition.

A motley crew

The Rooches, Diana and Greg.

Sean keeping his fivehead free from sunburn.
It's not all work and no play around here, although it may seem like that.  We really do work hard.  We just need some recuperation days to reconnect with our colleagues and have some fun. It's been 8 or 9 years now that we've closed down the office for the afternoon and have gone to the Phillies game for a business persons special.  Then, as always, we head down to our favorite dive bar Bob and Barbara's and get the other kind of special... A beer and a shot. This year we had another beautiful day and actually saw the Phils win a game for a change! Check out all the photos on our Facebook page.