Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Tradition lives on

Lauren and Greg carving
The Boss making an architectural pumpkin
Izzo and Knepley's creation, good enough for #2 place!
Jen and Sam's porcupine, a tie for second.
Dave and Katie's owl, the grand champ.
It wouldn't be October if we didn't have our annual pumpkin carving contest in the office. This year was sort of the exception. Technically, we did our pumpkin carving this year in November due to some big deadlines, but that didn't stop the fun. To be fair, partners were randomly selected from a hat, and each team had an hour and a half or thereabouts to complete their creation.  Some were good, some were better.  This year Katie Robinson and Dave Urffer stole the title for best pumpkin from last year's reigning champ Katie Brill.  If you didn't already know, Katie Robinson is the new Katie Brill.  (marriage) Check out some of this years pumpkins on our Facebook Page.