Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Schmooze Deli

^  shell                                                                  under construction  ^


happy customers!!!

 Marissa here:  Recently, Nichole and I were given the task to turn an empty shell into a deli in Jenkintown.  I have watched enough food network and top chef to get really excited about this project.  Our goal was to dazzle the client and their future diners with a warm inviting space where families and friends can schmooze.  We won the client over by walking them through our sketchup model featuring rough sawn wood, exposed structure, large pendant fixtures, and a pop of color - a personal favorite.  It was actually loved so much that they made sure that it was built that way!  Looking at the happy customers, the owners are succeeding in winning over bellies in the Jenkintown area with giant loaves of  challah and matzo ball soup.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Interface Carpet is the Bomb

empty yarn creels

the customization area

yarn getting ready for the creels
the loom in action
Izzo Here: I'm not really choosing sides here but I was lucky enough that our great carpet reps from Interface, Melissa Tully and Lisa Conway, schmoozed me into a trip to Georgia to see their production facilities. Granted, they have cool carpets, but so do a lot of other companies.  But I really was convinced with their whole spiel.  Interface has some really cool stuff, and they really are as environmentally friendly as they say they are, the facilities they had ran like a well oiled machine, and they had great presentations on how all the cool stuff we use gets made.  No offense to the other carpet reps, but it's going to be hard to convince me to specify anyone else after this trip.  The Interface peeps know what they are doing. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Philabundance takes on Chester Supermarket

Izzo Here:  Jerry and I have been working with Philabundance on their latest endeavor to put a food market in Chester, PA.  They have a pretty awesome concept to bring fresh food to the residents of Chester who have been without a supermarket for the last decade!   Chester is an area that the USDA is referring to as a food desert.  Anyway, the Philabundance crew had their official ground breaking for their Fare and Square concept last Thursday, complete with the Action News crew and all the local bigwigs including Jerry.  You can spot him at 0:31 in the video here for ABC news Video