Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dave enters into the 21st Century

Hammer, check. Screw driver, check. Scalpel, check....It was just a few short months ago that Dave finally released his old picture tube monitor into better pastures, and today Dave embarked into the 21st century toiling under his desk hooking up his new dual monitor set up. Three hours later...he took off the protective wrapper. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

MLK Day of Service

G-dubs hard at work on his corner

Rooch and Izzo, supervising

measure 7 times, cut twice

Laura and Tiff show off their schmutzin' abilities
Yeah, we're a week late on this one, but it's still blogable. A good majority of the office dedicated a day of work to help out the Philadelphia chapter of Habitat for Humanity while a select few held down the fort at Walnut Street.  We've started to make this a little JKR tradition.  Usually we'll lend our architectural services to Habitat, but this time around we put in some physical labor for some families in need.  We split into three small groups and worked on a few houses within the city.  It was a good time, and we felt good doing it. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Crease Street project coming together in Fishtown

Crease Street Elevation

Interior Court
A while back we blogged about a bunch of our townhome projects going up in various neighborhoods in the city.  This one in particular is the Crease Street project Jose and Rooch are working on in Fishtown which was just a hole in the ground a few weeks ago.  It looks like it's still on schedule to be completed in a couple of months.  If you remember there are 5 units along the Crease street side, one being a carriage unit over the drive aisle, and two more nestled in the back creating a nice little private landscaped courtyard. Looking pretty good.