Friday, February 21, 2014

Cima Network Open House

Look familar? Regal 42nd Street.

Pep Boys and American Girl and Flix Brewhouse

The next Regal sign.
Cima Network, the company that does all of our Regal Cinema lighting and probably all of our theater lighting in general, held an open house last night in their new office space and fabrication lab.  It's pretty awesome to see how the signs we draw up get built and get to know the people that make them.  They were able to show off their new space and their new machines, and even showed us some of the machines in action.  They are fully equipped now to make pretty much anything with their huge CNC machine, computerized metal breaks, and some great hand tools and digital printers.  The best part? They're just a really good group of people that we love working with. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Movers and Shakers

One of the coolest dudes ever. Him, not me.
B-Mac (Bob) and I were at the Center for Architecture last night for the award of the annual Ed Bacon Prize honoring national individuals who have advocated for excellence in urban development, planning, thought, and design through conviction of vision.  The first awardee was former Philadelphia mayor and then Pennsylvania governor, Ed Rendell.  He was a pretty cool dude as expected.  We talked about football, the olympics, politics, and some hotel gossip surrounding the new Comcast building and moving the Four Seasons Hotel.  He added a good story about how he convinced J.W. Marriott to build the Marriott on Market Street back in the day.  But of all the traveling he's done, believe it or not, he still thinks the Airport Marriott is one of the best hotels he's ever stayed in.    Guess who else was there... wait for it..... Ed Bacon's daughter.  That makes Bob and I only one degree from Kevin Bacon!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekdays at Jerry's

It's beer O'clock at JKR Partners once again.  "Weekdays at Jerry's" is an Amber IPA brewed by Tim, with labels designed by Izzo.  If you want a six pack of this great tasting and great looking beer, ask Tim.  If you want some sweet looking labels for your homemade concoction, ask Izzo. I apologize for the instagram filters.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Marissa is now officially an Architect!

Marissa, the architect
Look at that smile! After months of studying, and agonizing, and stressing, and dealing with NCARB and all the other negative words associated with the Architecture Registration Exam, Marissa has conquered the tests! All of them! She has risen to the top and has earned the right to call herself Marissa McMurtrie, AIA.  She's been beaming all morning! Flying from desk to desk! She's walking on air.  And if you aren't familiar with the exams, the ain't easy.  This is a big deal. I think we have a couple more people in the office about to become architects in the not too distant future. Check back here for updates.