Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corp gets new offices

the Before (the former Club Jag)

The after.

OARCs new Office

The welcoming entrance

OARC, the organization responsible for a lot of great revitalization projects along Ogontz Avenue in West Oak Lane, including the West Oak Lane Charter School that we recently completed, called on us to design their new headquarters and administrative offices.  JKRP designed a complete facelift for the former Club Jaguar at the intersection of Ogontz Ave. and Cheltenham Ave.  While the old photo makes Club Jag look really good, we thought it could still use some help. Whereas the nightclub operated mainly after dark, numerous window openings helped to transform the building and provide abundant daylight to the new office areas.  Greg and Glenn did a great job transforming the place and giving it some new life. 

Friday, April 19, 2013


PhilaNOMA's first (and now probably annual) Firm Crawl went off without a hitch!

I can honestly say that I was a little pessimistic in thinking that we would only get about 5 or so students - especially after such a long afternoon of crawling already (we were about number 4 on the list of firms to visit)

And then it rained.
And then they were delayed.
And then someone said the pretzels were going to get stale.
And then I yelled at Sean for eating a pretzel.

But nevertheless at around 4:45 there were almost 30 students from Temple, UPenn, Drexel and Philly U in our elevator lobby - eager and ready to learn all about our home away from home - JKR Partners!

SPECIAL THANKS to Jose for being the visionary of the 'three ring circus' aka Firm Crawl - Open House at JKR Partners...
Natalya for putting the 'swag' packages together.
Tram Fun - Marissa, Sam, and Blake for the refreshments..
The 412 Lux Design Team. (Jose, Blake, Steve)
The Starplex Design Team. (Mike F.)
The SouthStar Design Team. (Zach, Mike I.)
Kim for putting up with a full house of folks hovering around her desk..
Dave for sharing his oratory skills with the group..ANDLast but certainly not least the entire staff of JKRP for your hospitality during this event....

Friday, April 12, 2013

Calling all Architecture Students who want a job

So, you're in architecture school, and you are nervous about getting a job.  You aren't sure if your thesis is good, and you've been putting off redoing your portfolio for weeks.  Well, get your act together!  Hopefully you've seen this flier posted on your school's message boards or you've gotten an email about this awesome event.  You can check out some bigger and smaller firms in the city and see if it's a place you think you would want to work.  We're participating as well as Kling, WRT, Francis Cauffman, TMH Assoc. and BLTa.  It should be a good time, and we look forward to showing off our awesome work and our awesome deck!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Southstar Lofts Construction Update

inside the soon to be parking garage

lagging up, grade beam along the northern Rodman St side.

Looking South to South Street
Foundation wall getting poured along Rodman Street side.
Finally, real construction has started.  Although it may not be much to look at just yet, we're pretty excited about the hole!With the lagging erected, we're almost completely dug out and foundation walls coming soon. 

Nugent Update


terra cotta tiles getting installed

the panelized new addition

A few weeks back we updated you on the Nugent Senior Apartments going up in Germantown.  The National Park Service just granted full approval for our revised historic details so now construction is in full swing and given the much better weather, things are getting done much more quickly.  The roof is getting its new terra cotta tiles, (real terra cotta tiles!) and the first level of the panelized addition is up.  More to come in a few weeks.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Future architects?

Dave's son Nicky's soccer team outfitted in some fresh new JKR threads. I am guessing it was a direct kick?