Friday, February 1, 2013

Nugent Senior Apartments underway

Sam and Dee Dee showing off their new hard hats.

Dave inspecting some potential areas of concern with the roof.

The vandals left their mark stealing most of the copper cornices.

A new floor will be replacing the old uneven floor.

The original building in all its glory.

Foundations for the new addition have been poured.
Dave, Dee Dee, and Sam have been working on this project with Nolen Properties for the better part of at least the last three years. We blogged about this a few months back when we had the ribbon cutting ceremony to commence the construction.  Nugent Senior Apartments is a 57 unit affordable senior housing project in the Germantown neighborhood of Philly.  Demolition is complete (thanks to a lot of vandals for helping out with the copper removal) and repairs are underway.  After years of neglect, we'll be restoring this back to its original splendor.  This is our second restoration/renovation project with Nolen; the other being the award winning Presser project. 

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