Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hollywood East

JKR Partners was the scene of the most recent Philly turned New York movie set. Harrison Ford, and some guy named Liam Hemsworth who is apparently engaged to Miley Cyrus and then some other guy from Lost Josh Holloway who looks like a a poor mans Fabio. Oh and still one more guy Gary Oldman... all filming Paranoia.  So instead of NYC they decided Philly was the cool man's NYC.  I think we got our fill of Harrison Ford going into and out of the car forty times in 4 different scenes.  I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that last picture is probably the spoiler. It was Rosebud.  It was his sled.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Team Jose Scavenger Hunt

Lauren here representing Team Jose! Our team, which also included Dee Dee and Markos, had a great afternoon taking photos throughout the city. We took some shortcuts and got our pictures with Boathouse Row and the Rocky Statue using postcards at the AIA bookstore. Our entire hunt was done on foot and we hit a lot of the spots on our scavenger list, including a refreshing dip in the fountain at LOVE Park.

Winner winner, chicken dinner...

Farinella here - After being kept in suspense all week about our mystery outing, the first annual JKRP Scavenger Hunt was a huge success. From the Art Museum to Independence Hall, I think I saw more of Philadelphia in 3 hours than I have in all my years of being in the city…Lead by our fearless captain Bob, our team of Katie, Izzo, Sam, and myself got off to a blistering start and never looked back. With bragging rights (and very desirable prize on the line), the team’s planning, hustle, and last minute heroics were enough to edge out the competition and become the first OFFICIAL winners. After an exciting and exhausting day, Victory tasted sweet and I am looking forward to defending our team legacy come next year. 

"Sacrifice the body for the team"

Jen here.  For the first annual JKR Scavenger Hunt, Team Paul did not skip a beat.  You want us to pose like mannequins?  You got it.  You want us to jump into the fountain at Love Park?  Done.  Our entire team (Paul, Terra, Tim, Blake and I) jumped enthusiastically into 'team mode' without a second of hesitation.  We may not have been so great with the pigeons, but we definitely made the day more exciting for several very lucky statues.  Thank you so much to Team Fun for organizing one of the most enjoyable office outings imaginable!

Team Dave

Samara here! Thank you team fun for a great day on Tuesday. You definitely know how to show an intern a good time! I never would have expected a scavenger hunt when I started working here this summer. It was lots of fun, I got some needed exercise in with all the running around and it was a great way to get to know people better.  :) 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Team Jerry

Laura Here: Our team had a lot of fun walking (and only walking) around the city during the scavenger hunt.  It was actually a nice tour through Philadelphia; we walked by places I haven’t been to in years, such as the Betsy Ross House.  Jerry, Tiff, Zach, and I represented JKRP well, as you can see by the above picture.  We may not have won, but we sure played smart. 

JKRP Scavenger hunt day!

Nichole here! This week was our first annual JKRP scavenger hunt! We were split up into teams led by our partners, and embarked on a three hour intense search through Center City.  Jon, Kim, Greg, and I were on a team and although we didn't win, we had a great time.  Also, a great workout.  We walked/jogged most of our hunt, only stopping to take pictures.  (This trolley ride was only for photos.)  
By the end of our hunt (at exactly 2:59p.m.), I was totally exhausted, but excited for next years hunt. :-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

JKR Partners Announces New Intern Architect

JKR Partners welcomes Jennifer Whary to the design team. Since her 2007 graduation from Penn State University, Jen has been working in the Philadelphia area on large-scale hospitality, healthcare and aviation projects. When she is not working, playing or watching sports, Jen often bakes lots of delicious delights like cookies and cupcakes. The entire JKR Team will certainly volunteer as taste testers for her latest sweet treats. Our firm’s newest intern architect looks forward to launching her JKR Partners’ career. Click Jen to view her profile.