Wednesday, February 27, 2013

we do homes, and home brews

Believe it or not, Tim concocted some delicious booze in his basement over the last few weeks and he was gracious enough to share some with the good folks up in the holler.  The holler being his lunch crew. It was a rich full bodied Irish Red Ale.  For some reason he didn't tell anyone on the third floor. Either way, we're looking forward to the next batch out next week. And don't let that six pack label confuse you, this was legit.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walgreens without Borders

Remember this? The dvds were in the center, and off to the left were the architecture books. The chandeliers are staying.

Demolition underway.  The old color scheme is out.

Free advertising on Broad Street.
It's always sad when a bookstore closes, but it's more sad if a building in a prominent location sits empty. Before you say, "Aw man, not another Walgreens!" this isn't just any old Walgreens.  This is like a luxury drugstore for famous people. I mean, when was the last time you went to a drugstore and thought, "I'm just going to pick up some Q-tips and maybe get some sushi and a carrot smoothie for lunch while I'm there."  It's kinda like a bricks and mortar Craigslist.  It's got everything. This is another Sam and Dave undertaking, transforming this former Borders Books on the corner of Broad and Chestnut in the city into a flagship Walgreens like they have in NYC and Chicago.  Should be pretty awesome when it's done. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cobbs Creek Grand Opening

Blake's remodel.

This is what Cobbs Creek looked like a few months ago.
Action News reporting the good news!
West Philly is getting a facelift.  Dave and Blake have been working diligently for the past few months on the Cobbs Creek Shopping Center at 63rd and Baltimore Ave revamping their existing facades.  It's time had come.  Our good friend Pat Burns who owns and operates the Fresh Grocers and a few Save-a-lots is responsible for this upgrade.  So, they brought out the big guns for the ground breaking, which wasn't much of a ground breaking per se since it is a remodel, but it's still important to get the good word out; and that's what we're doing here.  Good job fellas.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Nugent Senior Apartments underway

Sam and Dee Dee showing off their new hard hats.

Dave inspecting some potential areas of concern with the roof.

The vandals left their mark stealing most of the copper cornices.

A new floor will be replacing the old uneven floor.

The original building in all its glory.

Foundations for the new addition have been poured.
Dave, Dee Dee, and Sam have been working on this project with Nolen Properties for the better part of at least the last three years. We blogged about this a few months back when we had the ribbon cutting ceremony to commence the construction.  Nugent Senior Apartments is a 57 unit affordable senior housing project in the Germantown neighborhood of Philly.  Demolition is complete (thanks to a lot of vandals for helping out with the copper removal) and repairs are underway.  After years of neglect, we'll be restoring this back to its original splendor.  This is our second restoration/renovation project with Nolen; the other being the award winning Presser project. 

JKR's Second Annual Drink and Draw

Sean showing off his skills.

Nicole, still early in the night with her right hand.

Glenn imparting his wisdom.

Jose and his off hand.

Laura's feeble attempt at drawing "chalk" "you know, it's a driveway, and an infant!"

Tim justifying his horrific attempt at drawing "Long Island"

Kathleen drawing something.  Musta been a gem based on Mike's reaction. 

Farinella's terrible terrible terrible attempt at drawing a cave. 
We've got a great relationship with the Irish Pub across the street from our office; On the good days, we celebrate there, on the bad days, we wallow there.  Last night, we upheld what will surely become a JKR tradition,  the annual Drink and Draw.  Pictionary with food and booze.  Now let's be clear, Pictionary isn't much fun between smart architects like us, so to make it more interesting we handicap ourselves with shots and beers and then we draw with our non-dominant hand.  It makes for a much more fun, and funny evening. 

Spotlight Theater opens in Connecticut!

Nicest movie theater bar I've ever seen
Bustling business.

Red Carpet
See, it really is a movie theater, check out the concessions.
Comfy seats.

Bob, Zach and Rick finally got to see the fruits of their labor as the Spotlight Theater recently had it's grand opening a few weeks ago in Hartford, Connecticut.  It looks like all the movers and shakers in town made it out too.  They rolled out the fancy schmantzy red carpet and everything!  The trend in theaters lately is booze and good food, and this place is no exception.  I think every project should couple booze with food. Looks like it's a pretty classy place.