Friday, February 21, 2014

Cima Network Open House

Look familar? Regal 42nd Street.

Pep Boys and American Girl and Flix Brewhouse

The next Regal sign.
Cima Network, the company that does all of our Regal Cinema lighting and probably all of our theater lighting in general, held an open house last night in their new office space and fabrication lab.  It's pretty awesome to see how the signs we draw up get built and get to know the people that make them.  They were able to show off their new space and their new machines, and even showed us some of the machines in action.  They are fully equipped now to make pretty much anything with their huge CNC machine, computerized metal breaks, and some great hand tools and digital printers.  The best part? They're just a really good group of people that we love working with. 

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