Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kitchen renovation by yours truly...G-dubs

Among the features that enticed us to purchase our house in 2002, anything to do with the kitchen was absent.  It took quite a while for the enthusiasm to do much of anything about it to arrive, except for replacing a 2 x 4 wraparound light fixture and the garbage disposal.  When the enthusiasm finally did arrive, it was accompanied by serious global recession.  So our renovation plans became more "resourceful".  We kept the stainless sink and the almond color- core counter.  Paint and new hardware for the cabinets.  Replaced the wall tile with painted wood paneling.  Recovered an impressively durable but fashionably outmoded Armstrong embossed sheet vinyl product with Parterre vinyl planks:  faux bamboo!!  Metallic ceramic tile base.  These economical alternatives allowed for some more interesting accent materials:  an acrylic  Lightblocks counter with Chemetal face panels and maple trim.  Labor, excepting flooring installation, by yours truly.  A little more enthusiasm and I’ll soon complete the lighting soffit.
-  Glenn W, May 2012



  1. These are sinks produced from a combination of two distinct substances to produce a very durable material. Typically, Acrylic and also fiberglass aren’t a great combination since they tend to help easily process stains and after a while, lose the particular glossy conclude.

  2. Interesting information you got there Sophia. I would go for marble or solid surface worktops.