Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everybody Hits!

This helped a lot
(image courtesy JKRP Softball Photo Archive)

An offensive shootout ended in heartbreak last night as the JKRP softball team fell to Nelson.  The Rollers jumped out to a 14 point lead in the first inning, boosting their confidence and solidifying a "no warm up" policy for the rest of the season.  Defensive skills greatly improved from last week, with plenty of key catches in the outfield and solid stops in the infield.  Despite the fielding heroics, Nelson slowly chipped away at their deficit, tying the game in the fifth inning and taking the lead in the sixth.  Down seven runs, the JKRP squad put together a solid series of hits to bring the score within two.  But as the sun set over the plateau, so did the dream of JKRP's first victory of the season.  The weather was lovely, the beer and brownies were good, and we put 25 points on the board.  It might not have been one for the Win column, but I think we all felt good about that game.

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