Thursday, July 18, 2013

JKRP Softball > .500!

Zach Here:  Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the Yuengling Light Lager that no one would touch. Maybe is was divine intervention. Or maybe it was just a level of concentration and skill not seen on the JKRP softball diamond in quite a while. Whatever it was, it was awesome. An 8-run 2-out rally in the third inning had Ewing Cole on their heels and JKRP rounding the bases with every stroke of the bat. After we took the lead, solid defense kept us there.  Long flies to the outfield were caught with ease and ground balls were expertly handled by the infield; halting the opposition's offensive machine. Our runs only came in two innings, but they were enough to lift the JKRP squad to a 13-12 win over Ewing Cole's 'A' team.  With this hot and humid victory, the team's record creeps above the .500 mark as we head into the final games of the regular season.

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