Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's not chilly... It's Peru

Izzo Here: Following in the footsteps of the great master architect Jerry Roller, I decided to take the same vacation as he took in November last week with a few of my college buddies, and ventured to Peru to see the ancient Incan civilization of Machu Picchu.  After hiking the Inca trail for 4 days, I realized it's not a vacation I would recommend to most people.  Architects might like it, or world class athletes, but the average person might want to be dropped off at Machu Picchu via helicopter. 14,000 ft above sea level takes a toll on an out of shape sea level dweller like myself and the endless stone stairs didn't help.  Overall it was a great experience.  Was really impressed with all of the old stone work and most impressed with the trail itself.   Would I go again? Nope.
A parade marched through Cusco

traditional dancing ensued.

"sorry officer, I thought my knife met the required size limit."


I stopped at least forty times on this trail to rest. 

picture perfect.

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