Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blake (second from right) was down an appendix and up a moustache.
(Yes, I repeated a JKR Blog photo.  Do something about it.)

It appears as though last week's softball recap fell through the cracks.  I can assure you, we lost. I can also assure you it won't happen again (missing the blog, that is. Clearly we're capable of losing again).  It was both "bring your child" and "wear a moustache" night on the Belmont Plateau, as the JKRP softball team fought through a very tight game.  Sporting a lineup that approached 20 players, we were able to field two complete defenses, giving everyone (except our pitcher, Dave) the chance to take a break at some point.  Thankfully, the El Vez lunch didn't slow anyone down.  Solid hits and aggressive running scored us some points and our play in the field was as good as it's been all year.  Manager Blake Krevolin made his appendixless debut and his stitches were tested with every ball sent to center field.  Sadly, the team is still looking for the first win of the 2012 season.  We're close, though, I know it.

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