Friday, August 19, 2011

Most Favorite (not showing favoritism but) employee is moving on

Izzo Here:  I think I can speak for the office when I say I'm really going to miss Tiffany.  I've spent 90 percent of my working life working alongside her.  But she's taking a leap and packing up here.  We're going to miss that infectious laugh, that upbeat personality...the all around loveable, positive, always encouraging vibe.  She's taking that charisma, and funneling it into the future, teaching Philadelphia high schoolers the beauty that awaits them in the field of architecture.  In celebration of her new beginnings we all went bowling to send her off! She loves bowling! We all wish her the best and thank her for her many years here making JKR as awesome as it is! We Love You Tiff! 

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