Thursday, August 4, 2011


This picture pretty much captures the night.

Zach here with the softball banquet recap:  The beer was cold and the thumbs were steaming as the JKRP softball team sent the year out in grand style Wednesday night.  The squad toasted their 2011 season with a seemingly endless train of pints and fried chicken.  An all-star reservation call by Mike Izzo ensured that the team had some tables to occupy, and no errors were made throughout the night.  Things could have taken a turn for the worse when the group decided to do a round of tequila shots, but they pulled through like the champions that they are and finished the evening with a win.  To top off the banquet, stylish medals were awarded to everyone as a reminder of our turnaround season. 

Sometimes drinking on a Wednesday is just as fun when there's no softball involved.

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