Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Stoogeum

Dave here: Recently, my family and I visited a shrine to one of the most well known comedy teams of all time – the Three Stooges. The venue is called the Stoogeum, located in a small building within an office park in Spring House, PA. The building was originally an old stone barn, which had been converted to an architect’s office (more on that later), which was then renovated and expanded to create the museum. Inside are three floors chronicling the history of the Stooges, with displays ranging from photos to movie posters to arcade games.  There is also an 85-seat auditorium continuously showing the Stooges’ shorts.
As mentioned, the building was previously an architect’s office. While that may not seem significant, it was the firm that Jerry, Glenn and I had worked at previously. My desk was located where the gift shop now stands. Jerry and Glenn sat where the auditorium was constructed. I love the irony.
The Stoogeum is open one Saturday a month, and admission is free. Check out their web site for more info and their schedule. ( www.stoogeum.com ) Any fan of comedy will enjoy a visit to the Stoogeum!

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