Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Like Walking Through a Blanket, A Wet Hot Blanket"

Zach here with the weekly softball recap:  The 2-game JKRP win streak came to a sad, sweaty end Wednesday night as the softball team fell to the #2 ranked sluggers of H2L2.  The JKR defense was solid, giving up only a few fielding and throwing errors.  H2L2 kept star left fielder Pete Hartenstine on his toes, sending 80% of their hits directly to his position for a series of easy outs.  

It took 7 innings to bat through our order twice, illustrating either the prowess of the opposition's fielding abilities or JKRP's lack of hit production.  One bright spot came late in the game, when "Little" Dave McClafferty hit a home run over the right fielder's head, bringing himself and "Original" Dave Urffer in to score.  The other bright spot was the tray of brownies, which were delicious.  

With one game to go, the JKRP team is looking to end the regular season with a win next week.  

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