Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beer Me!

Beer Me!
Matt Here: Cone Tops, Flat Tops, Pull Tabs, Keg cans, and Tall Boys – Cans in any shape and size, from Philadelphia to Singapore – The MJK collection; 400 strong is a walk down memory lane starting back in 1976 with the discovery of a full can of beer found in the backyard.  Most of the cans are works of art and when combined in large numbers create a cool mosaic of colors, logos, and unique images such as beautiful Fatima Yechburgh – Miss Frothingslosh!  The heyday of can collecting is long long gone but there are still some holdouts such as me waiting for the big payday.
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  1. Glenn here...Neat Post! Wow, with all those cans the neighborhood recycling center will pay you $20! For now, you might want to keep your day job as an architect and postpone collecting on the lucky can lottery.