Monday, May 23, 2011

Back from Vacation!

Tiffany here:
Back from VACATION!!! (Yes, I have missed you all greatly...)

We left on a Wednesday + returned on a Wednesday and let me tell you - that was the best FREE trip that I have ever been on :) My husband Demetrius and I embarked on a voyage to the island of St. Croix for (7) days for our Second Honeymoon - as the grand prize for winning on the Newlywed Game Show back in January...

Please understand that nothing in this life is free ... everything comes with a cost + trust and believe that the universe will look for its payment...
Last Saturday (not the so-called Judgement Day), but for 2 hours of my life it might as well have been. A storm rolled through that was so intense it created flash floods and before we knew it there was about 2" of water under our beds...
Perhaps the universe was teaching me a lesson about designing the landscape / hardscape with proper grades and drainage paths + installing the proper flashing at the exterior wall / slab conditions? (Hum... not sure.)

In the end, it was a beautiful trip and the island was I am not going to bore you with that :)

For more information regarding my 'payments' (and for more pictures) please visit: NO Hippos in St. Croix + The Storm.

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