Monday, August 12, 2013

Annual Phillies Outing

You need a drink before you see the Phils these days.
After a minor rain delay, the Phils got back to beatin on the Cubbies.

Butch hooking up the specials.
Serious Sergi and a photobombing Jose.
the Boss getting his birthday on.

If it seems like our office is a lot of fun, that's because it is.  In keeping with our yearly tradition, which started way back when the Phillies were actually good; last Thursday we had our annual JKR day at the Phillies.  This year was special in that it was also the Boss Man's 65th birthday.  He took full advantage of his newly granted senior citizen status and wisely got his subway ride to the ballpark for free. With age comes wisdom I guess. And like we always do, we all went back to our second favorite watering hole where we got our celebratory drinks.  The drinks taste much sweeter when the Phils win big. 

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