Thursday, May 16, 2013

JKRP 2013 Softball Season Opener

Blake here - After coming off a dominating performance in the preseason JKR Partners took the field last evening for the 2013 season/home opener.  They couldn’t have started it off any better scoring runs in every inning leading to a team record high of 32 runs and the most deliciously sweet taste of victory.  Maybe it was the life force in those bats, maybe it was the heart of each player combining like Voltron into one really big team heart, or maybe it was the fact that they actually looked like team in their fresh new jerseys, whatever the reason it doesn’t really matter.  At the end of the day the team’s spirit and enthusiasm reached a new high after last year’s winless season.  Thanks to the swinging power of newcomer Cory Slahta, the exponentially increasing skill level of the returning Miss Katherine “Katie” Brill, and those great looking new uniforms the future is bright for this squad.  The shock and awe campaign has just begun.    


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