Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Building Continuing Relationships

Blake Here: Thanks to a most generous Tom Donnelly of Quinn Construction some of us JKR peoples enjoyed the lap of luxury at last night’s Phillies game.  The seats were cushioned, the food and drinks were endless, and some man-servant named Steve accommodated our every request to ensure maximum joy.  And a joyous occasion it was as the Phillies did not disappoint, edging out the Marlins by 2 in a suspenseful performance that resulted in a total of 16 runs and 26 hits between the two teams.  This victory finally brought our hometown heroes to an even record of 71-71 while the current 6-game win streak increases the possibility of some post-season game play.  On behalf of the JKR attendees I’d like to say thanks again to Mr. Donnelly for the tickets to last night’s game, some fresh Quinn Construction tees, the discussion regarding the importance of blogging, and some high-fives in honor of last night’s glorious achievement….I think we’re good luck, we should do this again sometime in the near future.  

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