Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Bambino in Blue!!

 On March 16 (at about 5:38 am) our very own Deidre (Dee Dee) DeAscanis gave birth to a super cute little boy named G. Cristiano DeAscanis!
Cristiano weighed in at 7lbs, 14oz...

Mother and son are both at home and doing well.. No doubt resting up for all of the wonderful experiences that lie ahead of them in the future...

Dee Dee - Here are a couple of thoughts from your JKRP family -

1. We knew that your inherent organization, punctuality and project managerial skills would not allow your child to be born late.

2. Again - Cristiano is not allowed to learn AutoCAD until he is at least 12. That would be child abuse. (Although AutoCAD may probably be obsolete by then...)

3. We feel as though Isabelle and  Cristiano should not start dating until they are in high school.

We would like to send our Love and Congratulations to Dee Dee and her husband Guido on their wonderful little boy!!

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