Friday, March 25, 2011

Tiffany publishes a freakin' book!

It was a long time coming. About a year ago, Tiff was going through a rough spot. She had just passed her final architectural exam and became one of only 200 or so registered female African American architects - EVER - an amazing achievement by anyone’s standards, but something was still missing. Creatively drained, she was inspired by a friend to write a book. She didn’t spend much time mulling it over. She knew her story, and a day later her book was finished. Flipping through the pages of her old journals and sketchbooks, she was reminded of why she chose the career path she did. Re-inspired, the thoughts just came pouring through the pen. Now, she can add “published author” to the list of her accomplishments! Her book 200 Something, is an inspiring introspective look at finding those things which are most important to you and sticking to those beliefs. Since the books are hot off the presses, you can get your own copy on! And you can even get it on Kindle! How cool is that!

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