Friday, May 25, 2012

Tiff @ the AIA Convention 2012

 Tiff Here...
 I recently had the pleasure of attending the national AIA Convention in Washington, DC last week...
(Keep in mind that I was also on vacation that week - so I had to cut my vacation short and drag my husband with me... If that doesn't scream dedication to the profession, I am really not sure what does!)
I was invited by the AIA's Department of Diversity and Inclusion, to speak on a panel called: Behind the Round, Black Glasses: What Architects Really Do - Which was a 'town hall' styled discussion - geared to students and non-architects on the perception of our roles and responsibilities as architects. From what I understand, the public only thinks that we design and create pretty pictures.. While this is true, it only counts for about 25% (if not less) of our actual day to day responsibilities... 

I was also given the honor of being interviewed on a podcast speaking about my role and experiences as a Woman in Architecture AS WELL AS serving as the Co-MC to the AIA's Annual Women in Architecture Dinner - held at the Women in the Arts Museum.  

The entire experience was priceless and I am grateful to have been offered these wonderful opportunities :)
I have posted a few (terrible) pictures from the various events... (hopefully I will be able to post a few of the 
professional shots soon) 


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